Thursday, 11 February 2010

Movie Posters

This is a short video showing our class recreating movie posters
for an exhibition in Birmingham in a months time.
I will post more information on this in the next couple of weeks.
The video features movie posters from Twilight,
Sin City, Anchorman, High School Musical and Blondie.

This was created using my Aiptek HD camera

Contemporary Digital Photography

For this module I took inspiration from Damien Blottiere
to create a series of fashion collages.
This is an example of the re-touching I carried out on each image.

This is the finished double page spread

All images shot on a digital SLR with studio lighting

Rob Ryan Fish Eye

This is my first role of film through my beautiful Rob Ryan Lomography camera

Black and White is always better!

These are just a few pictures from a black and white 35mm
film I processed recently. All shot on my lovely Contax T2.

Snow Day

Rich turns 21

Deck The Halls

These photos were taken for Deck The Halls at a residential property.
They show this years Christmas decorations and
will be used for the website

These photos were taken at
Deans Place Hotel in Alfriston.

All photographs were all taken on a digital SLR with available light

Christmas at Hodcombe Close

Our wonky Christmas Tree made worse by naught black kittens.
You can just spot one of them under the tree.

Christmas Card Collaboration

This was a collaboration with illustrator Helen Ahpornsiri. We based it around the Christmas story of the Nutcracker and after researching existing illustrations we designed and made our doll. We than made several paper snowflakes, built a frame to attach them to and photographed the set-up before editing and printing them for Christmas Cards.

To see the sketches visit Helen's blog

This was Photographed on a digital SLR with a speed light

Print Auction

The Print Auction was a huge success, very nerve racking but a great experience. We sold every print and raised over £2000 for our London Degree show late this year. A special thanks to all of the professional photographers who contributed their prints and to our outstanding auctioneer.

Pictures taken on black and white 35mm film using a Contax T2