Friday, 1 October 2010

V&A - Architects Build Small Spaces

I was able to go back to the V&A museum on my day off and explore the Architects Build Small Spaces exhibitions in more detail. I find architecture fascinating but know absolutely nothing about it but this exhibition had real structures that I could investigate and interact with as well as small amounts of written text and short videos exploring how the designs came about, evolved, and were built in the museum. Below are a few pictures from the day.
Ratatosk by Helen & Hard Architects
This is a fun space made for grown ups to travel back to their childhood and a time when they would have climbed a few trees. I found this space utterly beautiful in its simplicity and being able to touch and feel the inside if the half carved out trees.
Woodshed by Rural Studio
This is a very basic but resourceful space made from the wood left over from forest thinning. This material and building method are both extremely in-expensive but are also a way of helping to grow and sustain a forest full of great quality trees.
In-between Architecture by Studio Mumbai Architects
This space was overwhelming. It represents a home for a family of eight, built in Mumbai in-between existing buildings. The space is unbelievably small with narrow claustrophobic rooms, stairs and passageways.
Beetle's House by Terunobu Fujimori
This space is stunning from both outside and inside. The charred wood causes the exterior to jump out at you and once you have climbed up the small ladder and through the tiny hatch in the floor there is just enough room for about five people to sit inside and drink tea.
Ark by Rintala Eggertsson Architects
This is another fun space and for me one of the most stunning. They have built a huge bookshelf sitting inside the stairwell that leads to the museums library. With wooden stairs that run inside and two seats at different levels you are encouraged to sit and read a book or two. However once reaching the top the entire structure does start to move a little so I didn't sit around for long.

I am now waiting for my next visit to my favourite museum to see the new exhibition Shadow Catchers: Camera-less photography.
All images shot on my BlackBerry

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